Thursday, September 6, 2012

BOOK BREAK: Music in YOU (Post #2)

Every week, I will post some original songs from an artist who became popular in YouTube. I just feel that more people should know them because they are very talented and they have great songs that should be heard. 

For this week, I chose David Choi. He's a singer/ songwriter /producer. I love the lyrics of his songs and his voice is soothing and relaxing.

So check out his songs!
Missing Piece:

Missing Piece Lyrics
By: David Choi

I feel like a boat without a sailor
I go where the wind blows
Just moving around like a lonesome stranger
I got no home

In search of a treasure
Some place I don't know
It feels like forever
I'm making my way
Through the hills and deserts
I thirst for hope

I don't know
What I'm looking for
But I'll know
When I find it

There is a missing beat
Inside of me
The rhythm of my heart
Hits unevenly
There's a missing piece
Inside of me

Trying to figure it out
But it amounts to nothing
I want to realize
But nothing I find
Ever feels like the real thing
Can you empathize?

I don't know
What I'm looking for
But I'll know
When I find it


I'm lost inside
A cold bitter world
I can't understand the need
It's makes it so hard to breathe

And his latest Music Video, Lucky Guy:
"Lucky Guy" Lyrics
By: David Choi

It's been so long since I've met someone
That makes me feel this way
Makes me smile, and that's hard to do
I don't think it's something you realize you do

You make me feel
Like I'm the only guy
With you in the world

But we can't be together
Can't really be friends
We can't be lovers
And we can't pretend
Oh that boy in your life
Better make you his wife
And he better believe he's a lucky guy

You wanted a song well here's one for you
Nobody will know except for us two
Don't ask me about it
Cuz I won't tell the truth
Just know that there's someone
Thinking of you

You make me feel
Something I wish wasn't real at all


You were never mine to begin with...


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