Thursday, October 11, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: The Dark Light by Sara Walsh

Date Published: August 28, 2012

Mysterious lights have flickered above Crownsville for as long as Mia can remember. And as far as she’s concerned, that’s about the only interesting thing to happen in her small town.

That is, until Sol arrives. Mia’s not one to fall for just any guy, but she can’t get Sol—or the brilliant tattoo on his back—out of her mind.

Then Mia’s brother goes missing, and Mia’s convinced that Sol knows more than he’s sharing. But getting closer to Sol means reevaluating everything Mia once believed to be true. Because Sol’s not who Mia thought he was—and neither is she.


Before I started reading, I didn't really know what to expect. The synopsis don't give away much right? So I was excited to learn what are the secrets behind those lights and the guy with a big tattoo on his back. I made a theory that this is about an alien invasion and the guy is one of the aliens from another world. Well.. I am absolutely wrong! But right in some sense. STOP! No spoilers! Haha!

First thing, I love the cover! It instantly caught my attention. Who wouldn't? With the eye-candy sexy back. 

The book has a unique storyline which is why I love it. I can't think of any book to compare it to. It started in a slow pace and I got a bit bored because I really want to know what the book was about. Yeah I know, impatient me. But looking back, I realized that the author took the time to describe Mia's world and the life in Crownsville. As I move on to every page and chapter, it kept me interested especially halfway through the book with all the action and revelations.

I like Mia's character, the protagonist. From the beginning, you'll know that she's a great person. She grew up without her parents, just with her Uncle and her brother,Jay. She's just a highschool student  but she sees to it that she's always there to look for her brother. She loves her brother very much that when he went missing, she decided that she'll do everything just to get him back. She's strong-willed and acts according to her instincts.

Then the hot tattooed guy is Sol. Aside from being good looking, his personality is exceptional. He may be odd at first and you may doubt his intentions, but you will like him as you get to know him more. I like how the mystery about him was uncovered little by little. 

The relationship between Mia and Sol was predictable (the romantic part) but it's still sweet and fun. 

The other supporting characters are also likable. I can still remember all of them so it's a good thing. Of all the supporting,I especially like Delane,Sol's friend. I like that he's honest,kind and dependable. 

*Irrelevant thought. You may skip this part! There's a point where I thought there will be a love triangle between the three but oh well. After all, it's unnecessary. Mia will still end up choosing Sol. It's always like that. What the! I'm just contradicting myself. LOL*end*

Overall, I like it! It was a fun and wonderful adventure! I feel that there will be a sequel of this. I like how it ended but there's some unfinished business. I'm still unsatisfied with the antagonist. It's like he's there but he's never there. I need more! Please Sara, will there be sequel?


Memorable Quote:

"You see, no matter how life changes, some things always stay the same."

*I won the book from All Things Urban and Fantasy's Deadly Destinations giveaway so I just want to say thank you! Especially to Sara Walsh for the signed hardcover copy and bookmark. 


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